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^ They'll prolly play the people that need "healing." Not a bad choice, we'll need really tired voicing. Anyhow thats good then, I'd prefer a mature theme over a mere bartending compeitition-like theme.

Originally Posted by Nightengale
Will it be a mature and realistic presentation of a relation formed between strangers bridged by cocktails, and how peoples face the sorrows and troubles of their life with the help of others and find lessons in life, accompanied with beautiful, classical piano music arrangements, beautiful visual directing (( these kinds of anime need strong visual directing to help convey emotions better, especially if it's going to be episodic )), and a realistic depiction of both professional bartending and flair bartending without juggling exagerrations?
Nicely put; exactly what I want. I suppose the best bartender would be the bartender that could soothe troubled customers with his words or listening ear, rather than throw bottles with "l33t powah."
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