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Originally Posted by Shinoto View Post
Hence why its impossible.

Also, Kotor II, Its much better than KOTOR...If they were allowed to finish it. The entire game was gimped because Lucas Arts cut off about 30% of the development time they were promised. You can actually read exact what was left unfinished, cut, and the "Real" ending.

But luckily enough, Allot of the stuff missing was either talked about or on the disc(just unfinished). So modders have been working on rebuilding it into the game so one day, it maybe possible to get the true version of it.

Also NWN II: Mask of the Betrayer is considered to have the best writing since Planescape. Not to say it was hard to be better than NWN1

Currently they are working on Fallout: Las Vegas so we could have potential awesomeness from them again <3
I didn't know that about KOTOR II :\

Anyway, I admit that I didn't play to NWN2, because I tried the first game and it was not as good as I thought it would be (was expecting a true BG in 3D... )

I didn't play to the main game, Fallout 3. Is it good?
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