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Originally Posted by Richocet View Post
She'll still be the violent protective (girl)friend, regardless of how strong he is
Lol, probably, yeah . Though I believe she'll take the news that he isn't as helpless as everyone thinks he is with mixed feelings. On one had, she'll probably be happy/relieved that he isn't all that vulnerable - she can't be everywhere, after all. But on the other hand, him being able to take care of himself to a certain extent also means that her own role is diminished, so maybe she'll start to feel a bit useless . Still, Shioon is Shioon and remains something of an idiot - a good-natured and naive one, make no mistake - so she'll probably not treat him all that differently once she finds out .

Originally Posted by Tempest35 View Post
Then there's Sera, and of course Sosul, whenever she decides to show back up to claim her 'husband'...
"How DARE he collect a harem in my absence!?"
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