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Originally Posted by frubam View Post
I thought Smiling Blade was the one that had Jinie's #. He's already helped her numerous times. I think he should have more of a chance than Shioon.
But from what we see jinie don't like smiling blade._. I don't really know why you even think this. I agree he help her ,but still this not mean that she fall for him. A time I wonder why people think...A love B so B had to love A back (wtf)..I know this not what you mean still.
Originally Posted by Merilyn Mensola View Post
It was a good, the elder is a tsundere

well..i hope is time for Shioon to get the pill, and start to learn some crazy move by the Elder...
I want both.that he take the pill that restore his ki center and that he learn some crazy move by the Elder.
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