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Originally Posted by Mad Pierrot View Post
Finally a good victory for Modern Joe. So far, Modern Joe seems more likable than the Ashita Joe. Must be because of how earlier he got into boxing (in contrast to the one who got into prison before doing it). Also, because of the fact the writers only have 13 episodes. The kids are an obvious tributes to the Ashita kids but I understand we didn't have a CrossCounter because there was no place to execute and that the techonology would take advantage regardless.
Joe JD is more the noble aspect but sachiko did take some of the most jerky ones(in a way Joe Yabuki is divided a lot of characther here), yabuki was the first anti hero, he earned prision as he was a true street rat when JD Joe is one wanting that big fight. so different way of lives of the joes.

Originally Posted by Malicre View Post
is he going to try and do the tournament with no tech? that would be a pretty big handicap lol.
I think they might get one, remember the guy from the first chapter

The chapter was a swing but a hit, children in this kind anime are always corny but still was executed as good they could, did sachiko father was a megaloboxer or related to that? that explain his knowledge.
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