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Princess Resurrection Manga

Kaibutsu Oujo
Title: Princess Resurrection
Mangaka: Yasunori Mitsunaga
Serializes in: Shounen Sirius

I have read the first two chapters of the manga, and I must say this is such a good title fill with butcher and gore comedy at its gold with a macabre story lead by a sexy and dark-moe princess.

Hiro Hiyorimi is your average, middle-schooler boy who let's say life has been a regular mess to him on a daily basis. (Un)Fortunately, his misery ended when he got hit by a car, resulting on his skull got cracked opne. Ouch!

Or wasn't he...?

He awakes in the hospital's morgue bewildered, and so heads to where his elder sister works at a rundown, desolated mansion.

Arriving there he watches a blonde beauty of red eyes wearing a sexy, black dress and crown, as she and her moe but very underage maid are fending off themselves against a pack of wolves lead by a vicious werewolf.

Hiro has this feeling burning on his body that he has to go and help the strange but beautiful girl. However, his interference, protecting the girl from a seemingly fatal blow, has the werewolf punching right through his chest.

The girl maliciously laughs and thanks for the time Hiro bought for her, as she callously disregards the boy's well being and within a single but swift movement of the sword she's holding, tores open a hole right through the werewolf's skull.

At the aftermath, the girl acknowledges that Hiro is a good servant in spite of his bumbling idiocy and uselessness. She cuts one of her fingers and orders Hiro to drink her blood.

This scene is not unfamiliar to Hiro, as he eventually remembers that the moment he died he saw the very same girl.

The girl tells him he has become his servant and have fed him her blood once to revive him. By drinking her blood after the second time he has died, he has officially sealed a contract to her and from now on must remain by her side as her servant.

Her name is the Princess, and she and her siblings are the monarchs and rulers of every supernatural beings (a.k.a. monsters) in existence, although the Princess herself plainly admits she's not immortal.
As of this date, volume three of the manga has already been released.

This title is shounen action, gothic dark, gore comedy, and having many moe elements.
Basically, Hiro seems to be stranded for eternity to the Princess's side and must aid her to fend off the assassins sent by her vile siblings.

The letdown on this bargain is that Hiro most of the time becomes the punching bag or should I say the butcher bag.

The Princess displays and exerts highly unorthodox ways to fight the intruders, including motor-fueled chainsaws, gasoline and dynamite, any sorts of razor-sharp objects; any weapon to hack, slash, dismember, blow, grind, pulverize, behead, pound her enemies until all become chunks of flesh.

You see this is the comedy gold of the story, because Hiro also becomes the misfortunate victim to the princess antics and suffers one to other accident on a regular basis, ending him with either some of his limbs separated and having to be sewn back.

As you may or may not know, an anime TV series is on production and to be released this year, likely the spring season.

The manga has already been licensed by Del Rey.
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