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Originally Posted by Skyy View Post
Nice! Lol @ hair hands x boobs xD
How did you get the pure transparent look on the GNOME top panel?
Yeah Melona's hair has a mind of its own

I think you need to have desktop effects turned on (right click the desktop > change desktop background > visual effects) make sure it is either normal or Extra (I have it on extra)

Then right click the panel you want to make transparent and go to properties > background and tick the "Solid color" button. Then move the style slider left or right to adjust the opacity and close the window when you are done

Originally Posted by Nadeko_Sengoku View Post
what's that little Dock at the bottom? Is that Objectdock with Wine?
Thats the Cairo Dock, no wine is required to run it. I like the lil penguin animation, he walks around, skates, turns into superman, works and u can annoy him by clickin' on him .... the best part is that the animation and all the effects of the cairo dock don't seem to use much memory at all.
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