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I got some ideas:

Raion-Waishi no Mi
Type: Zoan
Ability to turn into a lion, an eagle, or a griffin and there hybrid forms

You have the ability to fly
Speed and strength would increase dramatically
Razor sharp talons that have medical properties
Would look frekin awesome

You'll be obsessed with treasure and other valuable stuff
You can't swim(duh)

Roketto-Roketto no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Ability to turn any part into rockets/missiles

Move at extreme speeds
Can use long-range attacks
Physical attacks would be more powerful because of rocket boost
Can have body parts be like missiles and explode
After launched, body parts "reload" themselves
For a final resort, kill yourself by exploding with the force of an atomic bomb

You can't swim
Takes a second or two to reload
Contribute to global warming early
Overheat with extended use
Can't do anything in bed

Heikishou no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Ability to make weapons out of your own body (literally a human war machine)

Can create any weapon, even futuristic ones
swords wouldn't effect (except with real good swordsman)
Can be a very good marksman
Punches and kicks and stuff like that would cut other person and do more damage to them than to you
Can "shield" yourself from things like cannonballs and gunfire
For food, can eat metal instead of actual food

Can't swim
Rusts if to much water
Can't make legendary weapons (ex- Excalibur)
Can't do copyrights, sorry

Daiyamando no Mi
Type: Logia
Person becomes a diamond man (speaks for itself)

Extremely heavy and sturdy
Can grow spikes and other weapons with diamonds
Physical attacks will be pretty much ineffective against person (except with haki)
You sell can your body parts for money
Can survive in extreme conditions (temperature-wise)

Can't swim
Extremely heavy
People come after you for body parts and stuff

And last, but certainly not least

Shitae-Shitae no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Gives user ability to do anything a cartoon can (think looney toons, tom and jerry, all those good, old cartoons before they started censoring things) pretty much don't even follow the laws of nature and not part of reality

Can pull pretty much anything out of pocket
Almost every kind of attack against the person will be made into a joke and not affect him/her (ex- explosion=pile of cindars and eyes, gun shots=swiss cheese)
Can pull a rope and drop a piano/safe/anvil/other heavy things
Thanks to the roadrunner, can run at superspeeds
If you eat can of vegetables, become superstrong, thanks to Popeye
Can make inanimate objects come to life
Doesn't age
Your imagination is the limit to this power

Can't swim
Doesn't take anything seriously

That's all I got for now. I especially like the last one. Tell me what you think
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