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Originally Posted by n120cky View Post
Well form I understand that to your point of view Yui can't be said as an NPC because she is not a 'character' in first place rather than AI with a child girl persona?
Yes, Yui is an AI that is not bound to a game, thus she cannot be considered as an NPC, which is something that exists solely in games as part of the game itself.

Originally Posted by XaXa View Post
that was btw. just my first sentence in this forum
"I have a little argument with some people if Yui is a NPC or not. They all claim she is an AI - which I agree with. But does that mean she is not a NPC?"

"Play" just means she is in the game. Like a GM is not meant to "play" the game ( well yes in SAO the GM plays it :P ) and is still a "Player"
I'm starting to get the feeling that both you and n120cky are only considering Yui's role in the Aincrad portion of SAO, where she was supposed to be serving as a highly specialized NPC.

Once you move on from Aincrad and consider the SAO series as a whole, Yui cannot be considered to be an NPC.
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