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Originally Posted by Thewanderer
Yikes, is there any list of requirement quests to get a job so as to plan ahead of time? I've been searching(or lurking, rather) on their message board for quests involving those items... nothing found yet.

And all 9 of my current characters are on Lawolf, Aibatt, and Mushpoie(saving 3 slots in one server just in case). As I recall, the first server is Mia... you have any low-level characters in the other 3 servers?
Well, for mage you need 10 twinkle stones, 1 slain, and 5 chuprim(sp?). Assist you need 5 peakyrind, 1 poporam(sp?), and some what the mushroom guys drop, but I forget how many. Merc and acro, no clue. It seems the peakyrind and twinkle stones are the big thing though. Everything else seems pretty cheap relative to those two.

Yup, mia, that's the one. I don't have any characters on other servers, but I can always make one. I wanted to make a merc as well.
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