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Why? Because:
a) The character design is alot more similar to silkroad (Oriental/chinese) than anime-cutsy.
b) It is a game that is basically BUILT for people to bot. (The max level being 1400+ doesn't help much either.)
c) It is the equivalent of POKEMON.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude but did I not say I haven't tried this game? It looked kind of anime-ish to me, so I posted it.

Anyways back on topic. Here are a couple more games that you might be interested in, although you seem like you'll be playing FLYFF. =)
Turn based strategy mmorpg. Think Final Fantasy Tactics, somewhat.
I used to play this a while back, its okay. Although its not F2P.
This ones not F2P either but, its good anyways. =)

Thats pretty much it, have fun. =)
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