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I still like Fairy Tail over many other manga...(and if you see the state the famous ones are in right now you can't be too hard on poor Mashima, every Friday when I read bleach it kills the otaku in me, a little bit at a time:P). Can anyone roughly guess when FT's gonna turn to the anime side?
from what i recall hearing about when some manga got adapted into anime... i think we might have to wait atleast another year before an anime starts up... no idea how long fairy tail is gonna be, but the more time their is between the manga and the anime the better... otherwise you end up with filler arcs, and those can be painful

As for the question of "if" FT will be turned into an anime... i think so... i mean it does seem fairly popular, if it's more popular than Rave Master was when it was still a manga, then i think it's pretty likely that someone will want to go an turn it into an anime
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