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Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
true, personally i wouldn't mind some well thought out fillers... as i've mentioned in the past, i think one of my beefs with the writing in Fairy Tail is that it doesn't take enough time to develop it's secondary characters... Loki should have gotten A LOT more focus before the whole stellar spirit thing... Elfman and Mira could have both used a good amount more screen time aswell... Characters liek Levi, jet, and Droy should have gotten just a bit more screen time so that we would feel more emotional after they get beaten down by Phantom... and so forth... A few well thought out fillers could help give the secondary characters the development that they do not get enough of in the manga; that's filler material that i would love to see added

Frankly though, i think the fillers would likely just keep spamming Natsu and Lucy, with the possible addition of Grey and/or Ezra, and just leave the secondary characters in the dust... you have the room to make filler material, but nothing meaningful is done with it... few if any have done consistently good work with fillers
Yes,well, I was kinda banking on filler with aaaaall the members who got one or no fights in the manga, it would be like filling the missing parts of the story
Rave master was animated in 2001, I can't get myself to watch it no matter what,so was hoping that maybe when fairy tail gets 300 chapters or so, someone would have the idea of animating it (Natsu could have Luffy's seiyu,Lucy could get Nami's and Grey could get Zoro's, they kinda fit in the roles too xD).

What I think of as FT's greatest disadvantage is the fact that many characters that had never been seen before are introduced in a major arc, given lesser roles, like in the Luxus arc-half of the members who fought each other, if not for the intro cards you'd be "wtf!" all over the place-this also includes the shadow gear team,supposedly the best team in fairy tail, who should have been introduced in some dangerous mission coming to rescue Natsu's team who could have failed their task.
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