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Originally Posted by morbosfist View Post
1. Uh, no, Clovis would not help assassinate Charles. If he's afraid of being disowned, he's not going to turn entirely. Also, contrary to your opinion, most of Charles' kids seem more than happy with his policies.
I disagree.
Clovis oviously doesn't give a damn about politics. He also refused to learn how to pilot a Knightmare, and is never shown to make an effort to please his father. He wouldn't even have gotten involved with that whole governing thing if it hadn't been for Lelouch's "death" in Japan, and I don't think the Emperor approved of his lack of political ambition.
Clovis also kept Code R a secret from his father, which makes me doubt he held much love for him. If anything, he would blame him for sending his siblings to Japan in the first place, because despite what some people might think, Clovis is not dumb. Charles didn't have to attack Japan while Lelouch and Nunally were there.
It is clearly shown that without Lelouch, Clovis doesn't have a purpose and couldn't care less about anything at all. He was, however, ready to take on a job he despised in honour of his brother and the match they never finished, and probably loved him more than anything else.
So, in my opinion, if Lelouch had asked him to, and especially if he had told him what exactly the Emperor had done, Clovis wouldn't have hesistated to support Lelouch's cause. He used to be a truly awesome person before he came to Japan, and in the anime, he appeared for two episodes. You can't just take that little screen time and say: "It's completely certain he wouldn't have helped Lelouch" when the most defining thing about his character was his love for his brother.
Sure, Clovis clung to his status. But did he have anything else left? If he'd been disinherited, he could have as well gone and jumped off a cliff. Actually, he could have done that before, but he's not the honourable death kind of guy.

Lelouch killed Clovis because it was the starting point of his rebellion. Walking in and killing the Viceroy says something about how dangerous you are.
Don't forget Lelouch's hatred for his family, which, at that point, was probably his main motivation.
And his hatred really runs deep. He was so sure Clovis was involved in his mother's death, when in truth, he admired her just like Cornelia did.

Oh, and I think it was shown that Schneizel wasn't happy at all with what his father did. He simply wanted his ultimate world peace.
Also, I doubt it's a coincidence that there is not one of Lelouch's siblings who was shown to love their father. That family was all about power - they tried to claw each other's eyes out whenever they could, which is why Lelouch viewed everyone there as his enemy. Those like Cornelia and Clovis, who truly cared about their siblings, were probably a huge exception. And I have a hunch Clovis only cared about some of his siblings.
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