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How come no one tried to use biological weapons in the series? I'm sure some kamikaze pilots from Japan could've air-dropping fleas and dead bodies infected with engineered strains of bubonic plague on the Britannian mainland to trigger a genocidal epidemic or the capital to take out the leadership.

Better yet, have the Japanese covertly infect some food products with smallpox before selling them to the Britannians.
There was just the poison gas incident as far as I can remember.

In any case, I think biological warfare was mostly done through the use of Refrain that the Britannians ran the cartels for in order to keep the Japanese in line. It would be nice to see some of the Japanese resistence utilize plague and smallpox but cleaning up infected areas is too much trouble. However, dropping those diseases in the Britannian mainland would have been a different story altogether... no different than sending a certain cursed video tape that kills people in seven days after they watch it.
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