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Originally Posted by Code Geass View Post
Being viceroy of Area 11, Clovis must have had some ambition. And what with how arrogant he is, his family couldn't have meant that much to him. When they weren't around, he wasn't showing any concern for them at all. He only sounded worried when Lelouch approached him with a gun, and that was because his life was in danger.
Except, well, Clovis absolutely loved Marianne, Lelouch, and Nunnally. Not only did he remodel the top of the gov't building to match the Imperial villa's garden (which Lelouch noted), he painted a grand picture of Marianne, Lelouch, and Nunnally. His entire reason for going to Area 11 to govern it was for Lelouch.

And then, something happened along the way and Clovis became... the guy who Lelouch shot.

Also, I find it interesting that Clovis is the only person Lelouch felt ill about killing.
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