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Originally Posted by kj1980
Three words for you: corporate expense accounts

If it's part of the job, it's all paid for by corporate expense. Matsumaru's expenses are paid for by that snack company, the manager and Aka's expense is paid by the talent agency. Hatada even said "I'm tagging along from my own pocket since I'm worried about Matsumaru-kun (read: Matsumaru-kun is a lucky bastard, I'll come along so I too can be with Aka-chan)." Hence, Matsumaru, the manager, and Aka didn't pay a single yen for this expense (exceptions maybe, see below). The only one who did was Hatada.

A lot of seiyuus live by - corporate expense. The talent agency pays for her trips and stays at hotels as travel and "miscellaneous" expenses. Much like any other country, the more the company claims as "coporate expense" on their behalf, the less tax they have to pay when tax season comes along. Hence, seiyuus do get by with cheap pay. The talent agency can pay for her (and her managers') travel expenses, hotel fees, dress rentals, and even foods at parties - all under "corporate expense." Of course, some companies are stingy, while some are more lenient. "Foods at the hotel is paid for...but if you want alcohol (beers), that comes out of your pocket." Or "your plane ticket is covered...but if you want meal for purchase - that comes from your own pocket." It's practically the same in any other company.

If a seiyuu needs to go to a certain director's drinking bash to "promote" herself, well the director lavishes his own money. But that really isn't the director's money as well. If he has a sponsor supporting him, that "pay" comes from that expense account which he can write off as "miscellaneous" expense as well.

Welcome to capitalism - if you can write it off as "expense," you will write it off as expense. That's the business world in any corporate society.

Hey - when I go to overseas travel for business, you think it comes out of my own money? You can bullshit your way to write off many things as "business expense" to your company. Take for example, my passport renewal fees. Hey, I can B.S. saying that "I don't need a passport - but I need it for business when I make overseas trips." Bam! Saves me close to 30,000 yen that I don't have to pay for.

someone should cross-post this into the industry lifestyle thread. I felt something
was missing from the story, and this really fills in the blanks.

I can really imagine the lifestyle- essentially living off of corporate expense accounts,
and spending most of your time in hotels and such venues. In addition to converting
a payroll expense into a business expense and dogding tons of taxes, this practice
must really make the VA's totally beholden to their employers. When they are paying
for your lodging, transportation, food, and clothing out of their pockets, while only
giving you 20$ in pocket change, it must be pretty hard to quit a gig. And hard to save
money. And hard to really ever own anything. When the boss is happy, you live the
high life. When he's feeling stingy, you might not have a place to sleep. It almost
seems like living in a stable: you are owned by the agency in all but name.
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