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I change anime endings.
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Kallen always boast to be able to make everything if she want.

However if you look the fact with a realistic eye, you will understand well, example, my sister always refuse to learn about homejobs from my mother, she's married and she obliged to learn how to manage a house from zero.

About your theory Kallen isn't good for that kind of responsability maybe is the same thought Ougi and Kaguya had, they tried to persuade Kallen don't do it.
But this is just the standard idea we spoke about anime characters, then that's their character/behaviour, they can't change, etc...but I'm evolving the characters like a real human being can evolve.
Kallen sacrified her future for take care of a disabled Lelouch, nobody will help her, she must do it alone, then she must change, to learn, to evolve, to become a new woman with new responsabilities.

With the new part on chp 23 everything will be more clear, however about Kallen's wish to become a mum, it's a simple psycholigical evolution.

Kallen's life was good in the beginning, and in 2010 everything fall down, then a life dark, in the suffering, a fake life for to cover the truth, with just 2 goal:

1)to continue naoto's dream
2)to build a new happyness for her and her mother.

But the result of these goals is she lost EVERYTHING she wanted to protect, and thanks her mother farewell letter, she understood all the pain and the suffering she did like zero's henchman.

A person can learn a lot from her personal pain, and after a life with that kind of suffering, feelings like pity, love, kindness...will can become more strong.

Thanks C.C "suggestions" Kallen married the big responsability to take care and change lelouch, but the first step is to change herself.
She's alone, without a family, then to build a similar responsability is a goal and the bigger trial for her.
To create a new life is the only and best way to test her wish to become a new and better one for restart to live.

The people can change, the women above all.

The women can change the feelings in a single night.

The single fact they haven't good references to become good parents from their families (not true about kallen's mum, what that woman did for her daughter is very big and kallen understood it on S1ep.9) is good, they know the meaning of a bad parent, then they know how to become better.

In the beginning, every neo-dad/mum think "I'm not good to be a dad/mum", but that'a a responsability every human being must to learn from the beginning alone, the other people can give some suggestion, but at last is always a personal goal.

And both of them know very well the difference about what is good and what is bad.

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