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Originally Posted by NightWish
Here's a crazy idea for you: How about you ask your room mate ?
Ahh well I've only talked to her on the phone once for about 15 minutes and we've exchanged several e-mails. I don't want to get too personal with her too quickly ya know?

Originally Posted by NightWish
I suggest you start by applying the same relationship rules you apply to your own relationships, to hers. Would you act like that? Would you be inconsiderate to your room mates feelings / needs? Would you date two people at the same time? etc. Just because she is bisexual doesn't mean she feels / reacts to things any differently...
I don't have any relationships of my own to compare. I know she's still just a person and because she's bi doesn't mean that her personality is distorted or anything (in fact she sounds like a very nice girl). I think the only real confusion I had was whether bi's are more likely to date two people of opposing sexes simultaneously, but like you said I guess that varies from person to person.

I guess I'm just generally curious/excited about people of different sexualities. Especially lesbians. When I see girls holding hands and being all lovey dovey with each other for some reason I start blushing like mad and my heart starts beating a mile a minute. If there was a little girl on girl hanky-panky going on in the other room, I think I might have a stroke. Yes I'm weird, get over it.
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