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Originally Posted by hobbsy
skipped most of the post but to me it sounds like you are a bit sad..bit of a loser..and that she or you wont be staying there long.

(skipped the rest of the post but read what i quoted)
Thanks. I like you too. Hey, if you don't have anything constructive to say then just don't say anything. Then again you are still just a kid so I guess you don't know better. i don't think you can call me a loser because I don't know much about bisexuals. I was trying to include some humor in my own post about my naivety regarding bi's, sorry if you didn't catch onto it.

Originally Posted by aahhsin

Here's a theory I have, and it works for me for all females that claim they're bisexual.

1. They're not bisexual no matter how much they claim they are. No excuses or explanations, they are not Bisexual. Why?

I believe they are just insecure with themselves and want to standout. For example, people will know her as the Bisexual girl. instead of someone off the streets. She's could also be interested in you or some other guy. She just doesn't want to seem too attached to someone, so they go off claiming how "Everyone" has a chance with her. Man, Woman, Hermaphrodite.

Chances are, you'll see her date more guys then girls. Here's another thing, if you ask her about her dates, man or woman, and just claim whose the date and watch what she says.

Chances are for a date with a woman, it'll go something along with "Oh she's just a friend."

It's just a theory I have for dealing with bisexual girls. Granted I have no credibility, I have only 1 test subject, and what nots. So how accurate is my theory? Who knows.

Or you can go with some other idea how everyone in the world is homosexual to some degree.
lol, I'm sure there are some people that state they are bi-sexual just because they are insecure or want attention, but I don't think that all of them are that way. But lets not turn this into a cousin of the infamouse homosexuality thread. *shudders*
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