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Originally Posted by Roots
Especially lesbians. When I see girls holding hands and being all lovey dovey with each other for some reason I start blushing like mad and my heart starts beating a mile a minute.
lol. haha oh my god. you are innocent aren't you?

If there was a little girl on girl hanky-panky going on in the other room, I think I might have a stroke
Have a stroke? oh my god, you perv. Make sure you lock the door though, so she doesn't walk in on you.

Oddly, I know a lot of girls who tell me they are bi. I think it's pretty popular right now to say your a bisexual female, a lot of men find the idea exciting...whether they've actually ever dated any other women is a different matter. Roots, though. You're in for a fun time. It's fun to go girl watching with a girl.
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