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Originally Posted by Vulkar
lol. haha oh my god. you are innocent aren't you?

Have a stroke? oh my god, you perv. Make sure you lock the door though, so she doesn't walk in on you.

Oddly, I know a lot of girls who tell me they are bi. I think it's pretty popular right now to say your a bisexual female, a lot of men find the idea exciting...whether they've actually ever dated any other women is a different matter. Roots, though. You're in for a fun time. It's fun to go girl watching with a girl.
jc... god what the hell is this world coming to, were all going to hell -_-' the worldis getting more sick and sick and its really offending me i mean every where you go sex sex sex sex its discusting sex is meant as reproduction only, you think that animals have sex for fun? People are discusting... And morality just doesnt exist anymore. Hm i wonder if aliens are like that, im not saying I havent done things cause i have but afterwards i feel so perverted and sick and guilty
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