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Looking at that one line Kirino said before kicking Kyousuke, it seems to fit with my initial thoughts on how this developed. Both anime and LN seem to suggest that Kyousuke himself didn't like the way their relationship was, the way it was so utterly frigid, but he didn't know how to fix it and didn't want to do something that would blow up on him. At some point he probably did ignore her a little much, which may have started her changing, but the way she changed made it much, much harder for him to do anything for her or stick his neck out for her. This made his level of attention drop even further, which fueled her fires.

If "family" love had come to be cold like that, and the sibling relationship didn't seem to work at all, then in her desire to have a real love between them might have made a part of her long for an entirely different kind of relationship. Mix that with all the pressures and isolation of her overachieving and the insecurities of puberty, and it would be easy for her to grow attached to those sorts of things.

One thing for sure is that she's far lonelier than she'd seem, even without the otaku stuff. Being too attractive, or too smart or athletic, can make it hard to find people to really open up to. I mean, even if she didn't have something of this level, everyone sees her as the perfect, beautiful, popular girl who never does anything wrong. That's not an image that will allow deep connections.
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