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a few things that makes me want to facepalm whenever I read other people's discussion (this board seem to be more intelligent though). A few points had been covered, but there are just some that I want to confirm here. Correct me if I see things wrongly:

1. Kirino "ditching" her otaku friends.
The way I see it it's just superficial lie said to Ayase, in order to maintain her image. I don't get how some people kept thinking that she's totally ignoring kuroneko and saori. They both know that Kirino tend to want to hide her hobby from other friends.

2. Ayase flips too quickly
When idolisation goes into the extreme it can bring devastated consequences when your idol contain traits which you despise. She's not that dumb not to notice the crowd near the Big Site, the suspicion would had been building up during the conversation as well.

3. Ayase breaking up with Kirino just because of the hobby
Continue on with the idolisation mentality, I see it more as her using their friendship as the wager in order to convince Kirino to return to the perfect image Ayase had in mind. As shown later in the episode, Ayase still values their friendship over the petty detail.

4. The sudden "acceptance" of Kirino's hobby from Ayase
One of the ways to stop a fight is step in and be the common enemy. From Ayase's point of view, which outcome is worse: step away and let the perverted sis-con taint her idol, or keep in close contact and be Kirino's bodyguard? The choice is an obvious one from my perspective. It's not willing to accept the hobby, but more of the tactic of using the friendship as wager is crumbling due to the new development. There are better ways to still convince her without breaking up.

which brings me to the last point which I'm still confused

5. the "lying" big brother in the title
Just what was she referring to in that word? The gentle friendly older brother or the perverted sis-con? The general consensus seem to be the later, that she sees right through the lies. However I think the possibility that the first option can be true is still good. Ayase knew nothing about Kyousuke other than what Kirino told her so far, "disgusting" and various other derogatory descriptions. It's easy to take those words with a grain of salt, however it's easier to use the "annoying big brother" as the scapegoat for Kirino's odd behaviour than to accept that Kirino is not what she thought she is.
Even if Kyousuke's "confession" is so outrageous, since she knew nothing about him it's still possible from her perspective that those might be true.

sorry for the long post, just want to clear up some common controversial points in this episode.
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