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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post

Ouch. The anime's chara design is pretty disappointing.
I don't really see that. It isn't moe so that's a plus from my perspective.

Originally Posted by Mizuno View Post
You know, now that I look at it, the transition in art may be intentional, going back to the 90s art where the term moe didn't exist.
Ah the 90s! Glorious!

Originally Posted by Washi View Post
This. He has expressed exasperation with the anime industry recently, and he has a growing collection of criticisms. If you read some of his earlier interviews, he's been pretty driven to try and challenge the anime industry with works that don't just fall into the otaku niche but reach a wider audience without relying on pandering to fans.
If he is truely serious about this then he will have earned my respect at least.

Although his output has been the opposite of that (to be fair he didn't work on the majority of Lucky Star which pandered like hell), it takes someone to realise there is a problem before something can be done about it.
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