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I hope so. However, my opinion is that Okada has yet to make a true breakthrough when it comes to envisioning and pacing an original story.... ...opinions on Okada are so polarized. Viewers who really value well done character moments are quite thrilled, while those who prioritize the actual content aren't particularly impressed yet.

Okada's other strength is adaptation. Toradora! was an incredible feat.... Good work proves that he/she excels at reworking content into a show, but it doesn't prove their ability to create....
Excellent post, even if I disagree with the implication that plot ("actual content") is more important than character. Those "character moments" are why I watch anime, and plot is less important for me. Of course, you are perfectly right in implying that the character moments have to work in the context of the character's development through the story.

In this case, I have belatedly discovered that the story is by cultural critic and Murakami Takashi associate Azuma Hiroki, so it will be a matter of how Okada Mari develops the basic story he provides. No doubt Yamakan is also involved at all stages of this process.
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