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Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
Which puts a whole new spin on her saying that tv series Ranka should get out of her shell.
I agree. But then again, Ranka is more than just Nakajima's twin. She's also like a twin to Mao and the replica of Minmei. Except, in a lot of ways, Ranka differs from Minmei and becomes more like Mao when it comes to dealing with Alto. After all, Minmei treated Hikaru as a friend and didn't love him till the end whilst Ranka loved Alto from the very beginning but was too shy and afraid to tell him. Her character is shy, like Nakajima, yet she's obsessed with her career like Minmei, and upset that Sheryl gets Alto like Mao to her sister, Sara.

Three characters in one... wow. Kawamori is a troll.

Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
Though seriously the lack of range that she's forcing herself to not have, will probably stop her from getting too far. I remember vocaloid users were wary of GUMI because of NakaMegu's lack of range.
I like her songs. Most of them, anyway. Mostly because her singing happily in a sad song makes it bearable. When I first heard Diamond Crevasse in Ep20, I turned off the Media player so I wouldn't cry. It was heart wrenching even though I didn't have subtitles for it. After the Heart Rain is said to be sad, but even so, the way she sings it begs to differ and so, I don't think of sad thoughts like everytime I listen to Diamond Crevasse.

Um, Vocaloid was horrible. Or it has some horribly flat singers. I listened to quite a few of their songs and I had to find dubs or covers just to bear them! Especially Magnet. I don't like their version of Lion either. I prefer the original Lion because their duet together sounds horrible, like they're machines. I think I'd prefer the singing ability of Nakajima or Utada Hikaru at that point.

Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
I really think that she should work more with her normal voice as it sounds more authentic that way. In a way she's hampering her own popularity by limiting herself, because you don't want to buy an album where the singer sounds like she's straining her voice.
I agree that she should use more tactics when it comes to songs, but perhaps she likes how it sounds? Plus, she has to rely on the record company's approval of the album. So, if they want her to sing like a child, she will. But it is so sad.

I'd still buy her albums. It shows my support to her. But I'm not so sure about others except for my friends and those who like Macross.

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