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there is not a whole lot to like about her. she is really good at medical jutsu and she is strong, thats about it. as strong as she is she cant hit most of the top tier charactors, because she doesnt have speed. i keep hearing over and over about how she healed the people during the pain battle. what a lot of people go out of there way to not talk about, is she needed to defeat pain himself. WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO SAVE THE PEOPLE IF THE BAD GUY IS STILL STANDING AROUND RAPING YOUR VILLIAGE. in the end she had to count on a genin(yes i know naruto is a sage) to actually beat this powerful ninja. call me crazy but if you have a ninja of pains level who your top ninja cant beat, i got to think the freaking hokage of the village should be the one out there fighting him. kish never gave us that, even if she failed to beat pain (and she would have) there is no shame in that. after all that is how many of the other kagas died. better to die like that than be bailed out by a genin. if i was the other kaga i dont think i would have much respect for her after hearing about how that all went down.
Tsunade was about to step in and fight pain herself, but luckily for everyone naruto came just in time to take him on for her. while she was healing everyone, she was doing what a kage should, letting her jounins fight the battle. a general never takes the front lines unless its absolutely necessary. when it became apparent that the jounins couldn't handle him (kakashi dying and so forth) she went out on her own to fight him one on one. she most certainly would have died, but she was still brave enough to do it. it's not like any of the other current kages could have beaten nagato one on one either. he was one of the top 10 ninjas of all time in the series (top 5 at that time). I'm also not trying to defend tsunade's character, because kishi just writes weaker female roles and it's a fact, but she did go out there herself with the intention of fighting him. I don't see what else she could have done. naruto was clearly the better choice to fight him. no need to have the village's leader die if it wasn't the last possible option
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