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Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
All of these points are irrelevant the moment we consider one of Nyarlathotep's forms look like this:

And she's hell bent on raping you and having your twisted offsprings.
I mean, can you really blame Mahiro for that?
LOL. That's one good point at least.

Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
Also, this show is a freaking comedy show goddammit. Just think of it as Jerry killing Tom for the xth time.
Seems to me everyone's got their panties in a bunch just because I outlined why I do not like how he reacts. Heaven forbid someone have an opinion. Of course I'm being subjective. Hell, it's not possible by definition to give an objective opinion I'm not even crapping on the show, just on one small aspect of it. I happen to still enjoy it (granted it's not going to win any accolades).

Originally Posted by Morisato View Post
Guy, I suppose you have no problems with the "Oops I accidentally tripped over and removed all your clothes!" and the typical tsundere yelling "KYAAAA HENTAI!" and beating the male character to a bloody pulp.
Actually I have major problems with that and cringe every time I see a "pervert" male beaten to a bloody pulp. You got problems with me having problems?

Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
So what if it's space monster meat? He knows it tastes good, and that they are not poisonous. To demand that he should be fed only Earth food is arrogance. It would be like saying you wouldn't eat food that isn't produced in your own farm.

Nya even bought Black Goat meat, which is supposedly some legendary delicacy. She is trying to introduce him to food of other cultures, and he is just brushing it off. That's just harsh.
He should definitely try it out, I bet it tastes better than chicken.
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