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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
It is pretty amazing how many Marvel comics-based movies are being made these days.

A second Captain America movie on its way hot off the heels of the Avengers movie and not that long after the first Captain America movie.

Spiderman having a 3-movie chain, and already a new reboot.
The thing with Marvel, is that they had to get as many movies out as they can before the actors involved grow too old. I genuinely fear for the Ironman film franchise if RDJ one day had an accident and can't act anymore. Obviously at some point they can pull a Batman and just start replacing actors, but Marvel want to do that as little as possible.

Part of all these movies is also about building a universe; to introduce characters who would be free to appear and disappear in each other's films, and to have Avengers style crossover films. In essence this new round of films are all about setting up Avengers 2.
Another side effect is that Ironman 3 would be allowed to have magic; IM 1 and 2 were grounded in SciFi, but Avengers sneaked Magic into Tony's world, so all of a sudden some guy with magic rings would now be far less jarring.
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