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Originally Posted by andyjay729 View Post
"No moe" my ass. Who else wanted to give Akane a hug when Gino was chewing her out and she looked about to cry?
I think it does kinda fall under the no moe category. Remember. We've already established that Akane is QUITE capable of normally putting Gino in his place when he pulls this kinda crap on her.

Really. Akane is quite exceptional to not go wooby on us until one of her subordinates got into a life threatening situation, and one of her coworkers used that to attack her by saying if he died it would be entirely her fault.
Originally Posted by LightningZERO View Post
Gino took a level in jerk ass eh. That was very mean of him to chew out Akane that way. I am glad that Masaoka put him back in his place. Gino looked surprised when Masaoka confronted him and the way he did it just added more fuel to the speculation that he is Gino's father. I thought Gino's character was rather inconsistent in this episode. He was mean and a jerk in one moment, and once Kougami managed to call it in, he was all gung-ho and went "We must find him no matter the cost!!!!" Wut? Unless he's like a super tsundere or something
It's not Tsundere. He's just falling back on the police procedure he's been trained for. When a specific kind of emergency back up code gets out, police officers need to be trained to react to it without thinking.

Reacting to his training without thinking certainly is easier for him than to contemplate the verbal and physical smack-down that Masaoka gave him.

Originally Posted by ogon_bat View Post
I think it might be worse, a shotgun wound to a pretty girl face can be life shattering, expect some drama if there is a "happy" ending. At least I do not get from our cyborg any vibes that he wants to kill them quickly, he wants to extract as much anguish from his victims as possible.
To be fair, this is a future that has high quality cybernetic prosthetics and high end mental therapy. I get the feeling that even someone pretty badly maimed would be able to have the mental/physical damage repaired as long as they managed to get out of there alive.

Mind....I'm not sure cyborg dude is going to be able to easily gratify his love for sadism. Even without his dominator or a gun, Kougami is extremely dangerous. I dare say, hunter dude should be considering the possibility that HE might end up being hunted himself.

Originally Posted by andyjay729 View Post
The two mass shootings in a week in America added a rather creepy dimension to this episode, at least for me.
I know.

Honestly? Maybe this makes me a bit of an asshole, but shootings like that really make me less outraged at the idea of at least having some latent criminals permanently confined as we saw a few episodes ago...I know the Sybill system is flawed (perhaps even in what it defines as latent criminality), but you can really understand some of the motivations that went behind it.

Is it really more humane to allow someone to freedom to self destruct and hurt themselves and other people?

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