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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
Unless you're connected with organized crime.

Of course I don't think even the mob in Japan has to many guns.

lol well of course. . .everyone knows that organized crime runs rampant in Japan. Of course, most people wont find it unless they look for it. . .

if you ever visit Tokyo during August, take a train out to Enoshima (which is like 35-40 minutes away) . . .you'll see lots of people with the yakuza tatoos. . .as a lot of them live in that area... you'll also see lots of other cool things there too.

of course you wont see like the mid, high lvl bosses there. . .I only saw a few of those ONCE out in Kabukicho by accident. . .that isnt something I want to experience again.

but usually the other folks are actually pretty nice. If you are pretty chill, and speak a bit of the language, and don't draw attention to their "body art" other than n compliments(I dont do it at all actually) then they'll be pretty cool with you too.

Even though the mafia control or rather have a heavy influence over a LOT of stuff. . .they do pretty much have the will of the people to worry about. If they overstep their bounds too much and too often, the people will actually kick them out of towns!

. . .and they will leave if it gets to that point! It's very interesting. . . but yeah even if the organized crime can get guns. . .they rarely use them.
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