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Originally Posted by Marionette Cherry View Post

Men can be quite gross. I hope this isn't real.
Rule 34.

Imho fantasies are fantasies. The guys that are tweeting him that are just sick pervs.

Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
Kojima better fire up blade wolf. Sunny will need tons of guarding. O.o
That sounded erotic.

Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Kojima is no fool. He is just making the comments to make it clear that he isn't giving Sunny any fanservice scenes, and lower people's expectations on that.

He DID make Peacewalker, after all. The fact that the girl in Peacewalker is suppose to be legal is no excuse. He is as perverted as anyone can be, but is in this case saying Sunny is out of bounds within this game.
Agreed. No fanservice here with her.

Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
I still think they need to put sleeves on that girl

imho it's just a redesign of her mom with longer hair without you know....
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