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Always knew Erza was freaky strong, but that she hadn't been using her second origin all this time? Didn't see anyone predict that, heh. New armor as well; wonder what it's properties are? Although the name of it implies something about her comrades. And there looked to be a word missing in one of Minvera's speech bubbles.

Laxus had a tough fight, but managed a win. This makes things interesting, since FT is now on top, and there are a couple of fights left. It is implied Erza will win, and Gray/Juvia will win, which will boost them high. Does that mean Sting will come along and mop up Laxus, Gray, Juvia, Gadjeel, and Erza, making Sabertooth win? I am presuming Erza is the leader, so Sting could mop up the others and make it come down to Erza vs. Sting.


If Gray/Juvia win, that is 2 more points, and if Erza beats Minvera, that is 5 points. That puts FT up to 63 and Sabertooth at 55. If Sting mops up the four extras, that's 59. Sting would then need to beat Erza for the 5 points to pull out a win at 64 points. Hmm... Maybe Sting will beat Erza and at least 3 of the others, perhaps leaving it down to Gadjeel and Sting? If that is the case, it will leave it tied at 63 to 63, with the winner of a Gadjeel/Sting fight determining the winner of the tournament.
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