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There's a certain irony for the finals: Rabbit Team, the weakest of all Oarai's teams, were instrumental in taking down the Elefant and the JagdTiger.

Had they been simply abandoned in the river, Oarai's position vs Black Forest would have been worse, and they might not have been able to take out those two heavy TDs. And if Erika had those two heavy TDs with her, they'd have made short work of the Tiger(P), allowing Erika to steamroller Miho, instead of that one-on-one duel with Maho.

Unless Maho orders Erika to stay back, but say what you will about KMM and Maho, she does have that pragmatic streak in her.

As for comparing Rabbit at the river and the last stands of Oarai's tankers, it's the difference between being abandoned by the team out of a sense/impression of uselessness, and voluntarily taking one for the team.

Hmmm. I haven't rewatched a final episode so much apart from Gurren Lagann, Macross Frontier, and Shinkenger.
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