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Regarding 'Evil' villains and character deaths...

I think its not so much 'evilness' that is is required, so much as a villain who does not turn out to be a sweet litte girl who, in the end, just wants to be friends.
Instead, someone who has opposing goals and sticks to them, to the dire end.
Maybe they are killed, imprisoned, maybe the flee and go into hiding, defeated.
Just not another new friend.

And character deaths - it's not that they are needed to progress the plot, or whatever, its just that with all this high powered magical combat, it is incredible NO ONE HAS DIED YET.

People keep getting saved by the 'reduced to 1 hit point' rule.
In actual armed combat, if you are truly fighting for your life, it can be quite hard to not kill your opponent.

Having everyone survive combat time after time is a little contrived, and takes the drama out of it. After all, what is the price of failure? You end up on the floor very tired, and need to spend a few days in bed. Boo-hoo.
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