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Do we really need to stereotype the "evil" villians to those of the lamest proportions? History has shown that bad guys don't have to be "morally ambigious" and be "iredeemably evil" with some sort of lame uber sad past that drives their motivations to be great villians. Besides, evil doesn't neccesarily mean lame reasons to doing so. We don't need bullshit like taking over the world and stuff to make villians evil.

Dio Brando didn't need some sad uber past and a morally ambigious reason to become what is literally JoJo franchise's poster boy. All he needed was charisma, and an ego-complex since to him, humans are like loafs of bread for breakfast. Hadlar didn't need to be remotely good. He just had tons of pride and a sense of a knight's honour in how he do his evil things.

The recent Neuro chapter highlighted my point perfectly. One of the villains said this " You know how villians in stories and movies nowadays aren't really all that evil...They all seem to have some sort of sad reason blah blah blah stuff."

Good writing can easily make evil villians shine.
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