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Originally Posted by Meophist View Post
Could be that the said person simply doesn't know any better/worse. Could be that the person simply doesn't understand morals, or haven't learned any.
So it's a person that doesn't know whether it's right or wrong, but feels like it's okay to do?

aka, kids...

(Or maybe she was told it's the right thing to do...)

I'm just kinda hoping that the character in the opening is an amoral character that happens to do evil deeds. I think it could be very interesting, as I doubt even Nanoha will know how to handle it.
Nanoha? Beat them down then set them straight... Works all the time.

But jokes aside, that would be interesting...

Originally Posted by Bloodseeker
The death of a bunch of random people that you never get to know isn't really all that impactful...
Not unless you see/smell the bodies. I heard those things are pretty traumatizing ...

EDIT: IF you watched code geass, refer to episode 22.
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