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Originally Posted by TeeHee View Post
Are there any other theories out there regarding the chapel that work? So far, we have:

1) "Unlocked Chapel" Theory. (Incompatible with unlocking scene.)
2) "Additional Envelope" Theory. (Compatible with unlocking scene.)

(Forget the small bombs.)

Is that it? Do we have any other ideas? Maybe something off-the-wall-but-it-could-work?
I myself believe the chapel door was truly locked in the morning. The only way around this is basically:

1) LyricalAura: the unlocking was a fantasy scene, which would be a rather dirty trick, since there was no magical elements in that scene whatsoever i.e. nothing would give the reader a hint the scene could be intentionally misleading; my stance on verifiable vs. unverifiable scenes doesn't require Battler as the first person narrator (at least in ep 1-4) to verify a scene, as long as there are no witches/magic and more than 1 person is present at the scene in question I'd say the scene is what really happened;

2) both Genji and Rosa are lying - possible, but I don't buy it, since I believe both of them to be innocent in Ep2 (Rosa specifically).

Besides "the door was simply unlocked in the morning" defeats the whole purpose of the locked room and greatly lessens the mystery impact of the scene, which I just do not want.

Thus the "Additional envelope" theory is more appealing to me right now, though it would still be a rather lame solution on the part of R07.

As for off-the-wall theories, I've got one but it greatly depends on the interpretaion of the following Beato's red:

When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit!!

If we assume that by "any and all methods of entry or exit" Beato was referencing "any and all methods of entry or exit through that same front door", the following blue truth may be constructed:

The presence of the gold ingots in the chapel clearly indicates the culprit (who assumed the role of Beatrice during the meeting with the victims) had already discovered the gold of the epitaph (and, by extension, the route to the gold's hiding place, let's say it's Kuwadorian). The chapel is the starting point of the route. The route may be enetred halfway between the chapel (starting point) and the Kuwadorian (ending point), for example through the well shown in ep4. In this case, the culprit may enter or leave the chapel at any time without having to use the front door at all.
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