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A few people have said that a never-locked chapel would be a cheap or uninteresting solution. I never understood this. I remember how awesomely trolled I felt when I thought of it and how clever it was if it was true.
I’m honestly glad you did, but for me it still would be somewhat underwhelming.

The problem is, Ryukishi07 has clearly done his homework with this one and you can’t help thinking Umineko is positioning itself like some kind of a freaking mystery masterpiece, what with the subtle, and not so subtle, references to the works of Christie, Carr, Knox and their Japanese colleagues.

And if you are playing within (or even with) the confines of the “locked room” subgenre of mystery fiction, you have to abide by certain rules, the crucial one being the "locked room" in question got to be …well, locked.
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