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Please animate vol 5. Seriously I want to see Haru in Chrome Disaster Mode
Spoiler for 6th Chrome Disaster:

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Spoiler for lime bell:
Spoiler for answer + rant:

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Just how much romance is there in the L/Ns? And does Haru actually choose a girl?
Not yet. The author has issues with writing romance past a certain point IMO... a new potential love interest gets added every arc , with relationship of earlier characters stalling >.<

This happens in both AW and SAO.
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what's IS system? and who are those researcher guys? Thy are still players right? then they should be still around the age of Haru and the others.
IS system has been covered in previous posts. The researcher people are also BB users, but some of them have been around since the very beginning, ie the 'pioneers'. Their first experiments is what twisted 'The Destiny' into 'The Disaster'.
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