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Originally Posted by ReaperxKingx View Post
Chapter 38 is out. Really interesting, Grandpa is human but really like a Zombie. He can live for another 100 years.
He probably won't, though. With all the BS going on and his determination to end it all, I think it's safe to assume he'll bring down Darin's father and all of ZOMA and kill himself in the process, leaving Chihiro to find a cure for Rea on his own (still assuming she can be saved). And that is assuming that Boile hasn't already found something that will at the very least stave off her decay (both mentally and physically) for a longer period of time.

And aside from all that, there is still the question of how Rea will react to Chihiro when they meet up again. Will she remember him and know that they were practically lovers, or has she forgotten about all that, meaning he has to start over? Given how he said he'd lose something precious to him, I'm almost expecting the latter.
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