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I look away for a moment and all this happens?

Anyway, looks awesome, those pics have really gotten me started. And such a tease with Mikoto... hopefully it will be more that a tease what actually happens. Since it's on the board now, I want a progress, no matter the direction, but a progress.

LOL at Itsuwa going Yandere on Tatemija, I can almost hear her say "Why didn't you tell me sooner that Touma was OK and at the Academy?... are you trying to get between us?" ... I bet it's something along those lines.

Worst and LO with identical reactions in Accelerators head is epic too.

And a dominatrix Lessar giving seduction tips to Lancis? XD

The pic with the three heroes is missing LO though, so they are all there with their respective lolis... oh well, can't have it all...

What's with the catgirl? those don't seem like mock ears and tail... are we adding beastgirls to the list of oddities (BTW, thanks Flere, for the Mars SS summary)

... Again, it looks great... exciting... I can't wait to hear more... I think this volume is pure fan service (of the good type.)
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