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Originally Posted by leukrota View Post
What's with the catgirl? those don't seem like mock ears and tail... are we adding beastgirls to the list of oddities (BTW, thanks Flere, for the Mars SS summary)
Yeah, everything else can be explained, but what the hell is that catgirl doing there?!

Originally Posted by Stabman View Post
Those are some pretty pics right there.
Worst and LO syncho
Index and Mikoto's mirrored expressions
Dom Lessar
Angeline and Lucia eagerly awaiting the ensuing bloodshed
All very funny pictures.
Okay, but are we all just going to pretend there isn't a two page illustration of someone calling down an orbital laser strike ?

...Masaka... Misaka-san...!?

Originally Posted by Stabman View Post
Wonder how long it will take the translators to get their copies?
Assuming it's in stock, Teh_Ping would be getting his tomorrow.

NT1 took 1 month to complete, NT2 is apparently 125 page shorter (aka 1 less chapter) so maybe 1 week faster.

I expect a ton of spoilers tomorrow that are 95% fake or misinterpreted.
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