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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Okay, but are we all just going to pretend there isn't a two page illustration of someone calling down an orbital laser strike ?

...Masaka... Misaka-san...!?
Wha... are you assigning the target already?

Anyway, you can feel reassured Mikoto won't have such fate, else we'd know already. Besides, even Kamachi would probably fear enraged fans, even more if he saw this weeks' Dantalian no Shoka's take on the novel Misery... for those who don't get what I'm talking about, don't mind it, it's just a vague reference. XD
Originally Posted by Stabman View Post
This is giving me the impression that this might be a lead-in volume to a big event in the next, much like V12 with its similar page number and content.
If I'm not mistaken, Kamachi had already confirmed that it is indeed going to be like those volumes.

Originally Posted by Nayrael View Post
Isn't Sphinx already in the picture?
Indeed it is, well spotted... maybe that catgirl is going for Himegami and that's what a vampire looks like in this world [/cracktheory]
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