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FlareKnight - A case can be made that Homura made a strategic error in not actively trying to make sure that there was at least one magical girl to fight alongside her come Walpurgis Night.

In fairness, I do think that Homura wanted Mami to survive, at least partly for this very reason. And hence she did try to stop Mami from fighting Charlotte (which Homura may have known beforehand was doomed to failure).

However, after Sayaka became a magical girl, Homura perhaps should have told Madoka to not worry about Sayaka, since Homura would ensure that Sayaka stays Ok.

This would have put Madoka's mind more at ease, hence lessening the likelihood of Madoka deciding to become a magical girl for Sayaka's sake, and also freeing Homura up a bit more to try to keep Sayaka alive. It also may have kept the soul gem reveal from ever happening, which in turn would have kept Sayaka's mental state healthy enough to avoid descending into a witch prior to Walpurgis Night.

The key problem was ironically Kyoko, and her initial aggression against Sayaka. This put Homura in a bit of a bind where she probably felt that she needed to choose between the two (attempting to negotiate a true truce between Kyoko and Sayaka may have seen pointless to Homura prior to Episode 7).

As is, I think that Homura basically chose Kyoko over Sayaka, which ultimately resulted in her having neither to help her.
Pure speculation of course, but I think there was a fundamental issue that both Mami and Sayaka didn't trust Homura enough to work with her for what she needed on Walpurgis Night. Mami also had an issue where she was pushing Madoka toward being a magical girl, which while Homura could probably stop would make it difficult to work together. Mami was also had a total trust in QB which means that she probably wouldn't work with Homura on basically an anti-QB thing. Sayaka, as a result of Mami's death, her initial distrust of Homura, and a combination of not having some of the information (the circumstances for Homura not 'saving' Mami and basically 'swooping in on her kill') was also not ideal. There is also the issue that Sayaka possibly just wasn't strong enough in Homura's eyes to help, especially if she would have to baby her/save her a bunch of times to keep her safe. At the least, Homura has already stated that she felt Sayaka was very poorly suited to be a magical girl.

That basically left Kyouko. Homura stated that she believed that Kyouko as well suited to being a MG. She also knew that Kyouko was experienced, and quite a bit stronger than Sayaka. Thus Kyouko she felt had the best possibility of working with her.
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