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Toki will be sent flying by Teru. Since Achiga will finish as 2nd, they'll edge into the finals. That's my main guess

In Ch 10, Toki used up all her ability. I imagined nobody will be able to stop Teru now.

Kirame is revealed to have a ability that won't see her lose it all, and as Toki can't do anything, I imagine Achiga will end up in the finals.

Teru's continous streak will see her building up her hand to a yakuman. The ending may well involved Toki dealing into a Kokushi Musou hand by Teru, thus ending the game overall.

I have a feeling that the actual purpose of having a side-A story, beside showcasing Achiga and showing the story on the "other side", is to build up Teru as one hell of a player.

Senriyama, as a fourth seed, and supposely national no. 2 doesn't really go in depth on what its players can do. Other than the Toki x Ryuuka pairing, the rest are just there to make the numbers. I don't think Senriyama will make it to the finals like this.

So, basically, Toki is a sacrificial character, to illustrate and enhance Teru's rep. Which hopefully, will be dealt with, again in the main story.
That's what I'm expecting as well, as cruel as it sounds.

With the revelation concerning Kirame's ability, It's apparent that the possibility of Shindouji being knocked out in the Vanguard match is nearly non-existent. As such, the next in line for total destruction is Senriyama. Achiga has plot armor, so them being knocked out is much less plausible.

As impossible as it seems, I'm expecting the next chapter or two to get even more ridiculous. A Yakuman is coming.

Originally Posted by Peanutbutter View Post
IMO, Kuro's biggest contribution thus far, is keeping all her doras with her in fact. Cause this already limited Teru's damage somewhat. She's like a dam, if it's broke, the water will come flooding out.
I haven't thought of that. If we consider that all of Teru's wins until now were made without any dora, imagine the total carnage that would result from adding the dora into the picture.

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