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Code Geass R2 episode 22
Spoiler for 2chan thread for CG R2 ep22:
- Do NOT spread the 2chan link.
- If you want to quote my post, then please ERASE THE URL.
- If you want to (re)post screenshots from 2chan, then reload them on Imageshack and kindly supply the new links. In other words, do NOT hotlink.
When the short-lived 2chan threads get junked along with their contents (meaning: the screenshots), the broken urls lead the user to a pageful of adult advertisements, a type of content that goes against Animesuki's policy on inappropriate material.

I'll erase the URL in a few hours (at least until the first raw appears you-know-where) so, if you want to visit the page later on, save my link somewhere (in your bookmarks, whatever) while it's still up.

Since it's a Sunday, I'll be busy and AFK, so no screenshots from me.

EDIT: link removed. Go to Random Curiosity to acquire screencaps for this episode or, better yet, download the raw at the dedicated outlets.
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