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After thinking through the all-girls orphanage thing again, I think my making sense of it was affected by some older theories of Kinzo's motivation towards hosting Fukuin, which might not be relevant anymore. Well at least it would have been another point of how they needed to present Yasu as a girl if they wanted her to Rokkenjima, which is kind of an optional addition. So it might actually raise more problems than it solves.
Umineko? Raising more problems than it solves? Do go on, sir, what an improbable and novel suggestion!
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On Bato+Shannon, yeah, he didn't seem to take it very seriously. Even if, say, in R-Prime, he returned AND remembered, that stilldoesn't imply that he took it very seriously.
Very true. Again, just because he promised doesn't mean he had to come back and be serious about it. But he could still have remembered. What Yasu believes her relationships to be is clearly at odds with reality in other areas anyway, Battler just might not have been quite so insensitive as we figured.
To be fair, though, the Pony Theory did exist. The story is supposed to be solvable with just the first four games, and EP4 left us veeeeery few options regarding who 'Beatrice' was.
We were left with few options, but that doesn't mean we had any really great way to know what Beatrice wanted.

By the end of ep4 we were only left with the idea that Battler himself was specifically important to Beatrice's motive by the whole "Battler has a sin" conversation, which basically said nothing. The only thing anybody could find was that he might have made a couple promises to people. Many people considered that, and just as many went looking for something, anything else on account of that being too obvious and too simplistic.

Whoops, guess we shouldn't have overestimated.
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