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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
By the end of ep4 we were only left with the idea that Battler himself was specifically important to Beatrice's motive by the whole "Battler has a sin" conversation, which basically said nothing. The only thing anybody could find was that he might have made a couple promises to people. Many people considered that, and just as many went looking for something, anything else on account of that being too obvious and too simplistic.

Whoops, guess we shouldn't have overestimated.
I guess that's fair. To be honest, I also thought it was too simplistic. However. i couldn't land on ANYTHING else really, because Battler was only 11-going-on-12 when he was last on Rokkenjima, and wouldn't be capable of much besides a promise or some kind of insult, like Ange had done to Maria.

I mean, my little brother is exactly that age now (just about to turn 12) - I sure hope he isn't about to lay the seeds for our doom in some young girls fractures psyche.

Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
Well, the Shkanon and Shannontrice theories did exist back then.
Although, I think most people just didn't try to merge those two together, because, well... logic.
This is fair - the whole promise bit in EP4 just about clinched Shannontrice as a certainty, but EP1-4 are wholly solvable without Shkanon, I believe.

Originally Posted by cronnoponno View Post
Concerning Battler's Absense in EP 7, I figured she had no control over Battler. I figured this was hinted when Will asked Maria about Mariage sorcerie, I'm sure most people think it was because ''it wasn't important so it's not needed'', but to me it seemed like ''Bernkastel is a dumbfuck and doesn't know enough to explain it in expert details, which would contradict Maria, I think I'll move her''. Will even compared what she did to ''moving a piece''

EDIT: Oh shit, guys, count the number of people(including Kanon and Shannon, considering them as people, if you consider only one of them to exist, add will, if you consider neither of them to exist, then fuck, add Bernkastel lol). You might see why Battler may have not been included.
I dunno - i think if Bern could properly present craploads of evidence she has no real way of knowing, such as Bice and Jessica's romp in the VIP room, I'm sure she could present Mariage Sorcerie. I thought she moved Maria because the solution would probably have been very obvious to Will if he was allowed to inquire, and Bern wanted to watch him get around a bit more first.

Also, about the number of people, well, Will seems to exist entirely in the Meta, anyway. Or maybe he's like Erika and he's only as present as the story needs him to be. XD
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